NU SHOOZ Talks Target Plaid, The Past, and the upcoming CD 'BagTown' with KGW News

Recently we spent the afternoon with Tracy Barry of Portland's KGW News Channel 8 to discuss Nu Shooz, the Target 'Now This Is Plaid' campaign featuring Iconapop's remake of 'I Can't Wait' (produced by Questlove), and our upcoming album 'BagTown.' Tracy and the KGW crew did a fabulous story. Seriously. 3 whole news-time minutes, new and old footage (some of which we’d never seen!), the Target ad, a bunch of time for BagTown, Peabody and Sherman AND the way back machine, PLUS she somehow managed to make a super coherent story out of the whole thing. WE LOVED IT! You can check it out for yourself HERE.

OK. Enough self promotion. Time to go back to lounging around in our plaid pajamas ;-)