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Welcome to the Nu Shooz Website!

Whether you’re an old or ‘nu’ fan - this is the place where you’re find all things Nu Shooz past, present and future. You can sign up for our mailing list, watch videos, find your favorite music from the 80s, listen to our latest recording “Kung Pao Kitchen”, check out where we’re playing next, or get in touch with us. To purchase music just click on the iTunes link below or visit our website store where you can order physical CD’s or listen to full streams and download. (Tip: when you buy music at our website store you can name your own price for the music.)  Cheers! Valerie and John


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Bundle Up for the Holidays!

Jingle, Jingle, Jingle Jingle...

Need more stuff?
We didn't think so.
Tired of the commercialization of the holidays?
We are too.
Ready to bag the whole holiday mayhem and head south to a remote tropical island?
We'll meet you there!

BUT, if you have people on your list who are Nu Shooz fans (or if you have been putting off getting some Nu Shooz stuff for yourself,) we have a special sale for you...


From NOW until the end of 2014 we are offering some special deals on NU SHOOZ swag...

Bundle #1:
NU SHOOZ Women's V-Neck T-Shirt + CD  $20


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Both T-Shirt bundles give you a choice of CD - "Kung Pao Kitchen" or the "I Can't Wait Maxi Single." All bundles include an autographed 8 x 10 NU SHOOZ photo and all CD's are autographed too. When you order, you can even leave us a message about who you want your photograph and CD autographed TO!

There. That wasn't so bad was it?


John and Valerie


Not into bundling up? All NU SHOOZ CD's sold through CD Baby are only $5 through the end of the year. (Note: These CD's don't come autographed though ;(


Sept. 23, 2014 We just played our 3rd show with the reincarnated NU SHOOZ Band. Had a great time playing old favorites and songs from our latest release 'Kung Pao Kitchen.' It's so fun to have new Nu Shooz tunes to play! This one is a tour de force of funky back up vocal arranging (created by our own backup vocalist Margaret Linn.) Here's 'WOULD IF I COULD.' Enjoy!



Five funky versions of the smash 80s hit "I Can't Wait" all together on one special edition CD. Buy physical copies at CD Baby, or download the entire maxi single HERE and receive the PDF booklet as a special bonus item!



Music by John Smith
Performed by the Nu Shooz Orchestra
Video by Malcolm Smith

Released on Father's Day 2014, this month's featured video is dedicated to all those who take the time to be with the young people that they love. Remember to savor every moment. How quickly it all goes by!

The Story About a Dad, Two Boys, a Giant Caterpillar and How This NU SHOOZ Orchestra Video Came To Be can be found HERE

To download "Right Before My Eyes" for free from Pandora's Box go HERE


Nu Shooz I Can't Wait maxi single cover art
I Can't Wait MAXI Single
Pandora's Box
Pandora's Box
I Can't Wait (Powermix)
I Can't Wait (Powermix)
I Can't Wait Powermix RINGTONE
I Can't Wait Powermix RINGTONE
I Can't Wait (Powermix) KARAOKE
I Can't Wait (Powermix) KARAOKE
I Can't Wait (Unplugged)
I Can't Wait Unplugged
Told U So
Told U So
Tha's Right
Tha's Right
When I Think of You
When I Think of You