It's Summer!

Summer is here! Yay! Time to fire up the grill, get out the lawn chairs and hook up the slip-n-slide.

For Nu Shooz fans it's time to get outside and dance-dance-dance! We'll be down in Coachella CA on July 2nd with "The Old School Freestyle Fest". It's going to be a great show, with bands like Ying Yang Twins, Lisa Lisa, Trinere, JJ Fad, Tone Loc, C&C Music Factory and Color Me Badd joining us. And we just heard that it's only going to be 107º not 116º. Cool!

If you live in the Portland/Vancouver area, you'll have two chances in July to catch our full band. They're both outdoor concerts, AND they're both FREE. Come and bring the whole family...

Six to Sunset Concert Series
Thursday, July 7th 6PM to 8 PM
Esther Short Park, Vancouver WA

Summer On the Green
Friday, July 15th 7 PM to 9 PM
Marylhurst University


Photos by Brent Angelo

This last show in July promises to be a highlight. We'll be at The Greek Theater with Stevie B., Lisa Lisa, Taylor Dayne, Exposé, JJ Fad, Debbie Deb, Trinere, and Cynthia. This show will be a sell out, so if you're in the Los Angeles area, get your tickets HERE soon! 

Lastly, if you've heard our new record 'Bagtown' (and you like it ;-) please spread the word! Share the link to our Bagtown website page that has all the info and links to listen to it, and, if you have the time, please write a review on iTunes or CD Baby. (If you purchased the album on one of those sites you'll see a REVIEW button when you visit again.) Thanks in advance for being our "street team." Word of mouth is STILL the best marketing there is...especially in a world with an abundance of music in it.

That's all for now.
Time to flip the burgers...


Valerie and John