January/February News

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year first of all. 2016 was a great one for Nu Shooz. (We almost hate to see it go!) Thanks to YOUR support, we were able to release our album "Bagtown." Last month we heard that "Bagtown" was chosen as one of the Top 50 Albums by SoulTracks.com - one of our favorite music sites for soul music.

Another highlight was an appearance with our band on Oregon Public Broadcasting's ARTBEAT show. If you didn't get a chance to catch the broadcast - here's a LINK to the full half hour concert and interview. Thanks to everyone at OPB for doing such a splendid job!

2016 saw Nu Shooz criss-crossing the country playin' the hits. If we didn't get to your city, well...it sure seems like we did! Fingers crossed - we'll get there soon!

If you live anywhere near Everett WA, we're playing the Historic Everett Theater there on Saturday Feb 4th on a double bill with Animotion. Should be a great show. You can find tickets HERE.

Last but not least, John and Valerie will be heading to Delray Florida for Honey Nightclub's "I Want My 80's Back "Valentine Rewind" on Friday, February 10th. Click HERE for more info and tickets.

Thanks for your support, and for keeping the music alive. Without you, things wouldn't be nearly as interesting! Here's hoping 2017 is the best year yet.


Valerie and John