As We Turn the Page... Some Love for Our Band ❤️

Every era has its beautiful moments. There have been many incarnations of the Nu Shooz band since our first gig back in the summer of 1979. We want to celebrate the fun we’ve had over the last five years with our current line-up. Thank you Gary, Fountaine, Margaret Linn, Tracey Harris, Haley Horsfall, Tim Jensen, Paul Mazzio and Johnny Riley for all your hard work and the joy you’ve brought to our lives onstage and off. Doing shows, rehearsing, and especially recording the ‘Bagtown’ album were a total blast.

Here’s a video we made of some of the highlights of the hang we’ve had since 2014.

Now it feels like the page is turning. The two of us will still be playing the hits for as long as you all want to hear them. Our first show of 2019 is just around the corner on March 30 near Phoenix, Arizona. (Check our website calendar for more dates near you.) There are new projects in the works; more about that later.

It’s a new era, and we can’t wait to see what’s in the next chapter. In the meantime…

Be well!


Valerie and John